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Welcome to Greentree Outdoor Living, where your dream outdoor space comes to life. With 25 years of experience as Edmonton’s premier residential landscaping and exterior renovation contractor, we’ve transformed thousands of local properties into extraordinary outdoor living spaces. Our passion for creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes is matched only by our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to design a serene oasis, a functional and family-friendly backyard, or a space to entertain in style, our team of dedicated landscapers, designers and tradespeople have the expertise and creativity to make it happen. Explore our website to discover the endless possibilities for your outdoor paradise, and let’s turn your vision into a reality. Your journey to the perfect outdoor living space begins here, with the leading exterior renovation company offering top-notch landscaping services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove and surrounding areas!
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At Greentree Outdoor Living, our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of outdoor design and construction. We offer a comprehensive range of services, encompassing all aspects of landscaping, from lush gardens to hardscaping and water features as well as deck building, custom carpentry features, inviting outdoor kitchens, meticulously crafted concrete work and much more! Whether you envision a tranquil garden retreat or a vibrant outdoor entertainment space, our dedicated team of professionals possesses the expertise to bring your dream to life. Greentree Outdoor Living is your one-stop destination for all your landscaping and renovation needs. From conceptualization to the final touches of construction, we at Greentree Outdoor Living take care of every aspect – all you have to do is enjoy!


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Our Designers

Ryan Smith - Landscape Designer

Ryan Smith

Landscape Designer , LAT

Dylan Margolis - Landscape Designer

Dylan Margolis

Landscape Designer, LAT

Wassim Fhoula - Landscape Designer

Wassim Fhoula

Landscape Designer

Breanne Sheppard - Landscape Designer, Master Gardener

Breanne Sheppard

Landscape Designer
Master Gardener, LAT

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My love of outdoor spaces took root when I was young and spent my summer’s exploring Edmonton’s river valley. A trip through Europe in my early adult years inspired me to look at these outdoor spaces in a new way. Wandering through some of the world’s greatest parks and gardens exposed me to all the amazing ways we have molded nature to better suit our lifestyles. This is where my passion for landscape design truly started.

As a graduate of NAIT’s Landscape Architectural Technology program I am equipped with a robust knowledge of the fundamentals of landscape design and the local plant life. This program also provided me with the visualization skills that allow me to bring my designs to life either by hand sketch or with numerous 3D programs. These 3D visualizations allow you to imagine your life in the proposed design, so that every detail of the design can be exactly as you need it!

The best landscape design offers a transformational experience, and my preference in our underrated province of Alberta has always been to highlight not only the native prairie planting and lush greens, but also sonorous fountains, cozy garden hideaways, and soothing colors. While my work is fundamentally grounded in current design, I draw from the past to build landscapes that will retain their beauty and vigor many years into the future.

I have a passion for art and design that drives to me to consistently look for new and exciting ways to approach residential landscape design. My design inspiration comes from countless sources, making me the right choice to help you design your version of a perfect space, in whatever style that may be!

Design Philosophy

Ones home should be a place of comfort and relaxation on all fronts, especially when it comes to green spaces. As a Landscape Designer, I know how important green spaces are – and it is my goal to help you achieve your ideal outdoor space. Through my designs, I will always ensure that my clients get the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing designs which can be utilized and appreciated throughout the seasons.

Design Style

I understand that every client has an idea as to what they’re looking for in their new yard – and it is my goal to take that idea, and turn it into a personalized outdoor oasis. When assigned to the task of helping you design your new yard, I will always make it my mission to utilize your creative ideas, whilst judiciously marrying in my own designs. Through all my work, I can ensure that I create a personalized landscape tailored to your ideal lifestyle, as well as a beautiful green space that will provide you with comfort and a sense of home.


I grew up spending most of my time running around in my backyard. My yard was simple with long stretches of sod, and tall coniferous trees. Eventually, my family decided that we wanted a yard that would be much more tailored to our needs, so we redesigned our yard. We built a deck that allowed my family to have company late into the night, and a firepit which provided us with an opportunity to spend time outside throughout all four seasons. The redevelopment of our backyard allowed my family to regain a sense of pride and appreciation for our newly renovated outdoor living space, that we still feel to this day. To me, our backyard had become my personal oasis, and through my work, I intend to give others the same feeling I felt as a young child whenever they step into their own yard.

My passion for design was sparked when I was in the 10th grade. My school decided to introduce a program called “Design Studies” which delved into the world of 3D design and architecture. I still remember the wonder and enjoyment I felt from using those 3D programs and being able to see my creations come to life.

Upon graduating from high school, I began doing research into post secondary institutes. I found that NAIT had a Landscape Architectural Technology program which was a seamless marriage between architecture, and the outdoors. Naturally, I applied and was accepted, and I began my educational journey.

Throughout my time at NAIT, I participated in the construction of homes with Habitat for Humanity, helped in the design process of multiple different urban developments within the city, and learned of the genuine importance of green spaces.

Through my hard work and creative ability, I intend to design a landscape perfectly tailored to your needs, as your yard is an extension of your home, and your home is a place of comfort.
Wassim Fhoula - Landscape Designer

Wassim Fhoula

Landscape Designer

Design Philosophy

My design is made to be the mirrored image of my clients wants, needs and desires. With my skill set and knowledge, I am confident that I can create a design that not only meets your needs and expectations, but supersedes it.

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor space to the next level? I’m more than willing to help.

Design Style

Through my many years of experience I’ve come to realise that I aspire to create practical designs that are suited to your lifestyle and family needs.

My main goal when I am designing is to not only create an aesthetically pleasing space, but making sure that you are receiving the maximum usage out of your new space.


My interest in landscaping was sparked by the unique elements I was surrounded by growing up in Tunisia, North Africa. The landscape is quite diverse and filled with forests, lakes, mountains and deserts. Being exposed to the variety of nature has strengthened my desire for landscape design and as well as helped me feel more connected to nature itself. I attended Higher Agronomic Institute of Chott Mariem (ISA CM) where I graduated as an engineer in landscape design. I have a strong foundation of the fundamental principles involved in landscaping and deep knowledge of plants and local plant life.

I was fortunate to be able to work as a landscape designer in Tunisia before I arrived in Canada. My long term goal is to be able to design beautiful outdoor spaces for individuals all over the world.

Home Sweet Home

There is no doubt that our own outdoor spaces can act as peaceful sanctuaries that promote tranquillity. Opting to create your own space is the ultimate investment for your overall wellness and future.
Breanne Sheppard - Landscape Designer, Master Gardener

Breanne Sheppard

Landscape Designer, Master Gardener, LAT

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is centered on creating outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but also meaningful and memorable. I believe that a well-designed outdoor space should be more than just a collection of plants and hardscaping elements- it should be a unique and special place that brings people together, promotes wellness, and enhances the quality of life of those who use it. Every outdoor space has the potential to become a place that people truly love to be in.


As a child growing up on the East coast of Canada, I always felt my happiest when I was outside. Whether I was exploring the coastline, hiking through the forests, or gardening with my father, I felt a deep connection to the natural Earth. My love for being outdoors was paired strongly with my passion for creativity, which I expressed through drawing, resin art, and other creative outlets. ​

I moved to Edmonton in 2016, eager to explore the new landscapes that the prairies provided. I later discovered the Landscape Architectural Technology program at NAIT and realized I could combine my two passions by pursuing a career in landscape design. This career tied perfectly with my deep desire to help people and make them happy.

Design Style

My focus is on creating designs that meet the specific needs and desires of my clients, while staying up to date on the latest trends and technologies in the field. I understand that every client has their own unique vision and goals for their outdoor space, so I approach every project with a collaborative mindset that emphasizes the involvement of the clients in the design process. I take the time to listen to my clients, understand their vision, and work with them to design a space that meets their aspirations.

​ Furthermore, I believe functionality is a key principle of design. I pay close attention to the site’s topography, climate, and microclimates, as well as the uses and activities on site, to create spaces that are both comfortable and sustainable. I think that good design should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and usable.

​ Ready?

​ Whether you are looking to create a cozy outdoor area, a vibrant garden, a place for recreational activities- or all the above- I am dedicated to working closely with you to design the perfect area for you to enjoy for years to come. Contact me today to schedule your initial consultation and let’s start designing your dream outdoor space together!

Brian Young

Landscape Designer

Design Philosophy

Brian brings a wealth of design and project management knowledge from his time spent as a landscape company owner. He enjoys interacting with clients, other design professionals and contractors during the design and construction process. His background includes landscape design and project management in several different areas of North America which has enhanced his horticultural knowledge and increased his appreciation for the beauty of natural landscapes.

Brian’s design goal for all clientele is to make all of the important elements flow together seamlessly to accentuate the homeowners lifestyle, the home’s architecture and to compliment the home’s interior design.


Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Brian spent many of his earlier years as a landscaper installing high end residential projects in Alaska, which inspired his desire to pursue a career in the field of Landscape Design. 

Brian opened his landscape company in the 2003 after 13 years of experience and education in the field. This allowed him to be involved in all aspects of the design and construction with his clients. In 2019, Brian moved to the Aloha State. He served as the Landscape Designer and Project Manager for a 5,000 acre tourist resort where he designed wedding venus and soaked in the knowledge of tropical plants.

With over 30 years of experience, Brian has developed clients who have become friends. Many come back to work with him time and time again. Brian’s consistent high level of service often turns single-project collaborations into long-term relationships, and that’s how Brian likes to work with his clients.  With Brian as your lead designer and point person on every job you’ll get incomparable creativity and excellence in Landscape Architecture Design. 

When away from his desk, Brian enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking for his family and of course, cheering on the Oilers.

Cheri Young

Landscape Quality Control Manager


Cheri is a transplanted Canadian now thriving in Edmonton. Previously based in Alaska, Hawaii, and Wyoming she enjoyed living and traveling around the globe with her husband and four children while working in the Landscape Design/Build Industry.

Focusing on a quality build and client satisfaction these journeys permitted a rare experience of many different cultures. The study of languages, local art, and architecture developed into a style and design vocabulary that is truly her own. 

Building Beauty

Drawing upon multiple artistic disciplines, she conceptualizes and manages landscapes and cohesive, sustainable outdoor habitats for a wide variety of clientele. Decades of travel to exotic places have given her a unique experience to draw upon; and her background in design enhances aesthetic 3-dimensional thinking.

Seeds of the Future

Cheri’s formal training with plants and exterior landscape design began in 2008 with a love for design and enjoying the outdoors. After owning her Landscape Architecture Company for almost two decades she is planted in her a broad knowledge of proper landscape practices and customer satisfaction. 

Putting It All Together

“Landscape Management encompasses so many aspects of what I am passionate about: being a strong leader, attention to detail, design and architecture management, plants and the magic of seeds carrying so much life and enjoyment to our world”