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Landscaping Services Edmonton: Your Complete Seasonal Maintenance Guide

Understanding Edmonton’s Seasons and Your Landscaping Needs

Edmonton homeowners know the drill: the seasons here dictate the care your yard needs. Let’s dive into what you need to do throughout the year to keep your landscaping not just surviving but flourishing. Explore essential landscaping services Edmonton homeowners need to navigate the changing seasons. From combating the freeze-thaw damage to optimizing your watering schedule when the sun is relentless, but with this guide we’ve got you covered.

Spring: Awakening Your Landscape

Now, about your lawn—it’s aeration time. Punching those small holes into the soil can do wonders for water, air, and nutrient flow. Follow up with a good fertilization to feed your grass as it wakes up. And while you might be eager to get mowing, remember that timing is everything; starting too early can stress young grass.

Next up: plants. The right mix of annuals and perennials can turn your yard into a colorful retreat that lasts all season. But not all plants are cut out for our Edmonton whims. Choosing species that are up to the challenge of our climate is key. Think about bloom times, too, so you have continuous color.

Lastly, don’t overlook mulching and bed prep. Mulch isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade—it’s a moisture-retaining, weed-fighting, root-protecting super layer. And when it comes to bed preparation, it’s all about giving plants the best foundation. Break up the soil, add in some fresh compost, and you’re setting the stage for plants that not only survive but thrive.

By ticking off these spring essentials, you’re paving the way for a garden that’s ready to roll through the sunny days ahead.

Summer: Landscaping Services Edmonton in Full Swing

Summer in Edmonton means your landscape is in full view and full use, so keeping it hydrated and happy is your top priority. Smart irrigation is the name of the game. Fine-tune your watering schedule to the needs of your plants and the whims of the weather—early morning or late evening are the best times to avoid evaporation. Consider investing in a rain barrel or setting up drip irrigation systems for efficiency and water conservation.

But it’s not just the greenery that needs your attention. Your decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens—the stages for summer gatherings—require regular maintenance too. Keep these areas clean and in good repair to enjoy long summer days and evenings outside. Check for any wear and tear and address issues promptly to avoid bigger problems down the line.

Water features can transform your space into a tranquil summer oasis. Whether it’s a simple bird bath or a more elaborate fountain or pond, the sound of water adds a calming element to your yard and can be a focal point for both relaxation and aesthetic appeal. Plus, water features attract a variety of wildlife, bringing a new dimension to your garden.

Fall: Preparing for the Chill

When the Edmonton air cools and leaves begin to turn, it’s time to get your landscape ready for the winter ahead. This preparation is crucial to ensure that your yard emerges in spring ready for a new cycle of growth.

Trees and shrubs need particular attention as fall progresses. It’s the optimal time for pruning—removing dead or diseased branches helps prevent the spread of decay and strengthens the plant overall. For certain species, fall pruning can spur vigorous spring growth. Protection is also key; consider wrapping young trees or those with thin bark to shield them from the harsh winter elements.

Winter: Protecting and Planning

Winter in Edmonton may seem quiet for landscaping, but it’s an important phase for protection and forward-thinking. The focus shifts from active maintenance to preservation and preparation.

During the colder months, it’s essential to protect your landscape investments. Services like snow removal, applying anti-desiccant to evergreens to prevent winter burn, and protective burlap wraps for delicate shrubs can mitigate the damage from frost, ice, and de-icing salts. Ensuring that your hardscapes are cleared of ice and snow not only extends their lifespan but also keeps your property safe.

Explore Landscaping Services Edmonton Homeowners Need

As the seasons in Edmonton cycle through their dramatic changes, GreenTree Outdoor Living remains your steadfast guide. Our suite of services is thoughtfully designed to respect the unique demands of our climate and your individual outdoor space. Expert consultations, offered without charge, set the foundation for a partnership aimed at realizing the full potential of your landscape in every season. Book your session today.

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