Greentree Maintenance and Enhancement Services: Preserving Your Outdoor Masterpiece

At Greentree Outdoor Living, our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the completion of your landscape project. We take pride in offering unparalleled maintenance and enhancement services to homeowners and businesses in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Unlike standard landscape maintenance companies, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all packages or the classic Bronze, Silver and Gold package approach. Our approach is tailored to not only preserve our creations but truly enhance the beauty of your property, aiming to make it and keep it the standout gem on the street as the pride of your home and the envy of your neighbours. 

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Our Unique Maintenance Philosophy:

Whether or not we designed and built your property, our primary goal is to ensure that the property becomes or remains the best-looking one on the block. We don’t just maintain; we elevate. Our team is dedicated to keeping your outdoor space pristine, captivating, and the talk of the neighbourhood. We understand that your landscape is an ongoing investment, and our maintenance services are crafted to protect and enhance that investment for the long term.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services:

As opposed to your standard maintenance company, Greentree instead does not believe in offering standardised maintenance packages. Our belief is that every property is unique and each property owner has a different standard of which they want their property to be known for – and what we want to be known for is the best. Greentree is trusted each year by hundreds of homeowners to design and build their dream yard and we believe that this trust should also translate to our maintenance and enhancement services. Our team of trusted professionals takes pride in each project we complete and we want to work with each client to create a customised relationship that ensures your property remains the talk of the town. Overall, Greentree’s services are built upon the idea that each client we service chose us to ensure that their property remains top notch. This means that our services can cover every aspect needed to keep your outdoor space in top-notch condition – from regular lawn cutting and mulching to precise pruning, thorough pressure washing, weed control, staining, sealing and aeration, we go above and beyond to ensure your property stands out. Our team is equipped to handle any necessary service to preserve the aesthetic integrity of your landscape.

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Why choose us

Why Choose to Partner with Greentree:

At Greentree Outdoor Living, our maintenance services go beyond routine care; they are a commitment to sustaining the extraordinary. Let us continue to make your property the pride of the neighbourhood. Contact us today to explore how our maintenance services can keep your outdoor space in impeccable condition. At Greentree Outdoor Living, we aren’t your average maintenance company, we are your partners in enhancing Alberta’s premier properties. 

  • Tailored Approach: Our maintenance services are customised to the unique needs of your property, ensuring it remains a standout in the neighbourhood. Our goal is to develop a trusted relationship customised to your unique needs to maximise the beauty of your property. 
  • Experienced Team: Our skilled team of maintenance professionals understands the intricacies of preserving the beauty and functionality of your landscape. 
  • Investment Protection: We view your landscape as an investment, and our maintenance services are designed to protect and enhance that investment over time.

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